Modular Kitchen Interiors in Coimbatore

dular Kitchen Interiors in Coimbatore

About Modular Kitchen:

A simply a term used for the modern-day kitchen furniture layout which especially designed to optimize functionality and the use of space. These kitchens use various modules (units) of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials and hold kitchen accessories inside.
The basic structure of a modular kitchen is extremely practical. The units on the floor  called ‘base cabinets’ and serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop which is usually made out of granite, marble, tile or wood. The ones fastened on the wall for storage purposes are known as ‘wall cabinets’.

Design you Kitchen

Once you decide to redo or do up your kitchen, the first thing you call Agam Interiors. The different modular kitchens on display will allow you to understand the layouts and components, giving you a fair idea of what would suit your space well.