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Residential Interior Designer in Coimbatore

Residential interior designers coordinate the interior of homes, which means that Agam Interior’s job is very different than someone who designs something like a bank or a commercial center. House Interior design is always a matter of balancing aesthetic and function, so we need to consider the primary function of a residence: it’s a place where people live. Therefore, a home interior designer’s primary focus is decorating a livable interior designers in Coimbatore .

This means that residential interior decorator needs to be comfortable and usable. Think of what you use our home for. It’s where we relax, cook, and eat. It may be where we entertain close friends or small groups of guests.

We may have a home office for working. Residential Interior needs tend to be focused on smaller groups and relaxed atmospheres than we would find in a commercial building, and the interior designers needs to ensure that the colors, lighting, furniture, appliances, temperature, and general layout meet these needs. In other words, the interior needs to be livable. So If you think Home Interior think  Agam Interiors in Coimbatore – It is a Home Feel

  • Home Interior -Modular Kitchen
  • Bed Room Design Interiors
  • Wardrobe Designing
  • Storage and Cub Boards
  • Design False Ceiling
  • Living and Dining Interiors
  • UPVC and Aluminum Windows
  • Curtains and Venetian/window Blinds
  • All Wooden Works

OFFICE Interior Designer in Coimbatore

AGAM INTERIOR assist in enhancing functionality and many other qualities in office or commercial interior spaces. We provide interior decoration services to create comprehensive solutions for specific intended purposes or uses called ‘programmed interior Planning for Offices and Commercial Places’.

Office Interior means to plan the space with its allocation, divisions, arrangement, and organization to accommodate the functional, spatial and occupancy requirements in form of space layout and final planning. This involves creating a ‘space plan’, a drawing that shows the arrangement of functional elements within a space.

This means the planning of your new office space will go through a systematic series of actions, iterations, and decision-making between the phases of pre-design, preliminary design, and design development.Interior design is more than just arranging furniture. Good space planning allows a business’s employees to work together in the most efficient way. Plan Office – Think Agam Interiors in Coimbatore.

  • Gypsum Board False Ceiling
  • Grid/Tile False Ceiling / Wooden False Ceiling
  • Wooden Flooring /Vinyl Flooring
  • Wooden Partition
  • Gypsum Board Partitions
  • Wooden Partitions / Aluminum Partition
  • All Type of Office Furniture and Tables
  • All Electrical and Plumbing Works
  • ACP / Window Blinds
  • UPVC Windows and Aluminum Windows

COMMERCIAL Interior Designer in Coimbatore

Commercial Interior designing is more than just arranging furniture. Good space planning allows a business’s employees to work together in the most efficient way.

‘Space planning’ is one of the services of our interior design. Actually, it’s the most important aspect of the profession;

because, space planning makes new ideas or, like in your case, existing ones, perform at their best for the special needs and requirements of clients or users.

In coimbatore Agam Interiors  understand that the healthcare environment is complex. Our specialized team of healthcare interior designers will collaborate with your team to identify and implement safe, maintainable, supportive settings by balancing sophisticated technology with access to nature, enhancing productivity and morale with thoughtful detailing and effective space usage; accommodating flexibility with careful planning.

  • Dental Clinic / Hospital Interiors
  • Clinical Storage
  • All type of Painting
  • Health care Interior Designers
  • Children Hospital Interior Designs
  • All Type of Partitions
  • All Type of flooring works
  • All Type of False ceiling Works
  • All Type of Electrical Works
  • All Type of Plumbing Works
  • All Type of Showroom interior
  • School and College Interior designer


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Our Interior Design Consultation is what we like to refer to as the “Meet & Agree”. During our first meeting .This is the first stage of the INTERIOR DESIGN PROCESS and is the initial consultation the designer and you.

We use this time to meet on site (if possible) with you to discuss your project, goals, priorities and needs for the space. We also use this time to clarify your budget and to discuss our fee structure.

When possible we love to collect as much documentary information as possible in regards to your space. This can include photos on site, floor plans, initial measurements, as well as documenting any limitations that need to be taken into account.

From our Initial Consultation we then gather all the information we have discussed with you and research and prepare styles and images that we think will be suitable for the space. We use this time to prepare our initial style concept boards that we use as a visual tool to clarify the style and confirm the brief between the designer and client.This is the second step for Our Interior design.

This is a general outline of what our INTERIOR DESIGN PROCESS involves, however every client is unique, as is their project and we are more than happy to reassess our process to benefit your project.We often work with clients in stages, piece by piece, room by room, floor by floor or the whole property at once. Please CONTACT US to discuss how we can make your project work.We love what we do as a small hands on interior design studio and believe the best outcomes are achieved when our clients are ‘in sync’ with our style and love what we do.

With your approval we finalise all selections for interior design, which can include ordering furnishings, materials and products, collaborating with builders, trades, suppliers and manufacturers. We work with our colleagues to ensure an efficient, quality and safe installation of all items, and are happy to liaise with a trades and suppliers on your behalf. This time can also be used for some final styling which can include us sourcing an assortment of products to place around the home or rearranging existing pieces to ensure the space is working its best